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Bait a Hook Justin Moore Hat CollectionZoom

Bait a Hook Justin Moore Hat Collection

Bait a Hook Justin Moore Hat Collection
Item# MC-2694
"He can't even bait a hook He can't even skin a buck He don't know who Jack Daniels is Ain't ever drove a truck Knows how to throw out a line but not the kind in a Field and Stream book No darling I ain't even worried you'll come running back He can't even bait a hook"

Bullhide Hats California Straw Bait A Hook 50X Justin Moore Signature Collection.

Bullhide Hats made by the Monte carlo Hat Company are known for their unique and stylish western appeal. Created by skilled hatters and expert artisans these hats are constructed of the finest materials. Their distinctive features and exclusive embellishments make these hats truly one of a kind.

Color: Natural

Sizes: 6 3/4 " - 7 5/8"

Material: California Straw

Brim: 4 1/4"
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