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Small English Stirrup Earring JacketsZoom

Small English Stirrup Earring Jackets

Item# KH-13G-39
Small English Stirrup Earring Jackets

Make your pretty stud earrings shine with the Kelly Herd Small English Stirrup Earring Jackets. Cute stirrup design will give you an extra splash of sparkle whether out for the day or dressed up for a night out. Made of brilliant sterling silver and cubic zirconia, these earrings are perfect anytime you need a bit of glitz.

.925 Sterling Silver,Cubic Zirconia stones

While almost as hard as diamonds, CZ is more brittle. So take precautions and remove your CZ jewelry when doing heavy work! Your beautifully hand crafted jewelry by Kelly herd is made from .925 sterling silver. All of our silver designs and many of our 14K gold designs are protected with a rhodium plating. This plating helps add a rich elegant look and also provides a protective layer from elements that cause silver to tarnish.

By cleaning your jewelry with warm water, mild soap, and a soft polish cloth you can extend the life of that just like new look. Abrasives and strong silver cleaners are NOT recommended and will remove the rhodium designed to protect your jewelry.
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